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CWA Local 1180

Our union is a family comprised of more than 9,000 members who work for City of New York agencies and several authorities, more than 6,200 retirees, and a dozen-plus nonprofit organizations. As administrative and supervisory workers, we process payrolls, manage computer systems, monitor contracts, pay vendors, supervise frontline staff, and more. We are the hidden human infrastructure that makes the City work.

From the newest to the most experienced worker, we learn from each other and work together to make our Union stronger. Local 1180 is the backbone that supports our members in advancing their careers. When we stand as one, we have the strength to fight for what’s important — fair and decent wages, good benefits, safe working conditions, and stronger communities.

But it takes a family to get the job done and that’s why Local 1180 is counting on you to get involved. An informed, active membership is the key to a strong union and our success.




Ways You Can Make a Difference for Our Union

  • Talk to your co-workers about Local 1180 and why the Union is important to you
  • Work with your Shop Steward to sign up your co-workers as members
    and get them more engaged in the Union
  • Attend monthly membership meetings and encourage others to join you
  • Join a Committee (See list) — Bring a friend!
  • Organize around the issues that matter most to you and take action
  • Attend monthly Borough Community Coordinating Committee meetings
    in your borough and get to know your elected officials
  • Join our Union at rallies and parades
  • Volunteer at the Union office, including phone banking
  • Read our email updates and encourage your coworkers to do the same
  • Get involved in our Political Action programs
  • Visit the 1180 website regularly for updates & information about the Union and benefits
  • Run for election to become a Shop Steward
  • Attend neighborhood Community Board meetings
  • Attend trainings to build skills for organizing around issues that matter to you in your workplace and community



CWA Local 1180

New York Administrative Employees Local 1180
Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO
6 Harrison Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013-2898


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